We serve the poor, sick, and needy whenever and wherever there is a need according to the signs of time.
  To bring hope to every person we meet by listening and responding to their needs; treating all people with dignity and respect; envisage a world where all children have access to education; the community to have affordable physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and a safe and strong place for the community to live.
  KKSSS fights inequality by providing communities with access to food, shelter, healing, education and social action programs.
- Everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
- Equality is a pre-requisite for development.
  • All genders are equal.
  • People labeled as ‘tribals’, ‘backward classes’ or ‘untouchables’ are equal to all others.
  • People coping with leprosy, tuberculosis, physical handicap, mental illness, HIV, and
  • AIDS are equal to all others.
- Social action leads to equality and justice when it involves community development and community advocacy.
- Development programs engage communities rather that providing for them.
- The environment must be respected.
- Emergencies require rapid response.
- Good stewardship builds trust.
Katharina Kasper Social Service Society is a registered society having its FCRA Number.
KKSSS is a community development organization working in partnership with the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ
P +91-9901-656-497, +91-80-4125-1288
   Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ