Leadership Team of PHJC in India headed by Sr.Sunitha, the Provincial Superior.
The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ (PHJC) is a congregation of women religious founded by Mother Mary Katharina Kasper in Dernbach Germany in 1851. The Poor Handmaids are an international congregation of women religious, who strive to model simplicity and build community.
We serve communities in :
- Germany
- Netherlands
- The United States
- England
- Generalate
- Mexico
- Brazil
- Kenya
- Nigeria
Since 1970, the Poor Handmaids have served Indian communities and in 1971 we organized our community service through the Katharina Kasper Social Service Society.
We began our service to the tribal belt region of Madhya Pradesh by providing medical treatment to tuberculosis and leprosy patients and providing literacy training for rural communities. Our service quickly expanded into other areas of healing, education and social action. We currently work in seven states throughout India and we hope to expand our service.

We make a special effort to serve the most distressed communities in India. We reach out to people considered to be ‘tribals’, ‘backward classes’ or ‘untouchables’ when others ignore their talents. We provide care to people affected by leprosy, tuberculosis, physical handicap, mental illness, HIV, and AIDS when others shun them. In all our work, we give special attention to the welfare of women and children to ensure a safe and stable home life for the family.

With the help of like minded partners all over the world, we find the strength to work tirelessly to bring fuller life to those we serve.
Katharina Kasper Social Service Society is a registered society having its FCRA Number.
KKSSS is a community development organization working in partnership with the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ
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