Sr. Leonidis was born in Schoenau, Germany on July 6, 1934 and became a Poor Handmaid in 1955. When called by Mother Herluka to come to India and help build our Indian ministries, Sr. Leonidis fearlessly boarded a plane and set off for the unknown. On November 6, 1970, Sr. Leonidis arrived in Mumbai but she could not travel to start working in Bangalore because the war between Pakistan and India made safe travel impossible. The war ended in December and Sr. Leonidis began working in St. John’s Medical Hospital, Bangalore.

KKSSS wanted to start a house in Bangalore where we could run our programs and also have a central office for all our work in India. Sr. Leonidis worked tirelessly to create plans for this centre. In 1975 the house was open for us to serve the poor and sick in Bangalore.
Sr. Leonidis was so successful in her efforts to build our ministries from Bangalore that she was named Regional Superior of our Indian province in 1975 and continued to lead us for 18 years. During this time, she worked enthusiastically and zealously for the growth and development of our Indian ministries including Pravithanam, Dhamnod, Barwani, Ara Gate, Sebastiarpuram and Yercaud.

Besides leading our spiritual and service development, Sr. Leonidis was our most enthusiastic fundraiser. She told everyone she met about our work. She taught everyone, from school children to adults, about how the smallest of donations made a big difference to poor children and sick persons in India. Without the support of donations of her family, friends and acquaintances, many of our KKSSS programs would not exist today. Sr. Leonidis truly embodied the spirit and charism of our Foundress Blessed Mother Mary Katherine. Everyone she met and everyone she served had the same impression of Sr. Leonidis. She was gracious and happy – her smile and laughter could attract anybody and everybody The German Federal President recognized Sr. Leonidis’ work in India by awarding her the Order of Merit.

Sr. Leonidis is a shining example for perseverance, patience, courage and steadfastness. No problem broke her down or discouraged her. Her complete trust in the providence of God, her prayer life, love for the congregation, deep faith, cheerfulness and enthusiasm are the secrets of her success and life. We, KKSSS, are privileged to have such a dynamic person as our guide and support for so many years and she continues to be our inspiration and guide for many years to come. Sr. Leonidis Grebe passed away gracefully on 3rd June 2009, she now watches over our work from above.

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