KKSSS strives to bring hope to every person we meet by listening and responding to their needs; treating all people with dignity and respect; envisage a world where all children have access to education; the community has affordable physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and a safe and strong place for the community to live.

We understand that it is often the remote, poor and dangerous places that people need us the most and we fearlessly come to them.
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We run hospitals, medical clinics, a nursing school, dementia care centres, an elder care home, and NAET allergy elimination units.

We believe protection from illness & loving care are basic rights for every person. We never refuse a patient regardless of their ability to afford treatment.
Our programs include Early Learning Centres, Schools, Boarding Houses, Nursing School, Scholarships, Evening Tuition, Adult Education, and Professional Skills Training.

We believe educated communities can work together to advocate for and work towards justice and equality for all people.
We believe individuals respect one another, communities work together, and families become self-reliant when all members have opportunities to expand their skills and adequate resources to provide their families with nutritious food, clean water, safe shelter.
Katharina Kasper Social Service Society is a registered society having its FCRA Number.
KKSSS is a community development organization working in partnership with the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ
P +91-9901-656-497, +91-80-4125-1288
   Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ