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  Three months in Katherine Nivas, Ashalaya, Vidyanagar

That means not only three months in India, but also three months in a convent. Doesn’t it sound like a great adventure?

I came to India in August 2010.  Because the Sisters treated me not like a member of their community rather than a guest, it was not difficult to adjust. I felt at home with the Sisters because I lived, ate, prayed, and spent my free time with them.

During my stay, I volunteered with various programs in Vidyanagar.  I accompanied Ashalaya’s health workers when they visited HIV patients and attended Self Help Group meetings.  I was very impressed by the self confidence of the women members of the Self Help Groups because they freely expressed their opinions and thoughtfully discussed money matters.

I also worked at the Ashalaya Creche where we provide a safe educational space for quarry workers’ children.  The Sisters helped me learn some Kannada so I could speak with the children.  I was so impressed that some of the young children already knew some English because teachers work with them in several languages.  The teachers don’t have many resources but they are very creative – they make play materials out of paper and other simple natural materials.  The children loved these toys!

It is hard to explain my experience in a few paragraphs.  I am very grateful for everyone’s hospitality and friendliness. I learned so much about Indian culture and it was a very special time in my life.

Since I returned, I’ve realized many German sweets are flavoured with Indian spices. Whenever I taste cinnamon my feelings go back to India and all the dear Sisters!

- Katharina Nordhofen
Katharina Kasper Social Service Society is a registered society having its FCRA Number.
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